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I had 4 different lawn care providers since I bought my home in 2008, and all 4 of them failed me in one way or another. The second I got involved with Chem-free, I realized I was dealing with a whole different animal. Keep doing what you're doing, and with pride and confidence I'll happily share Chem-free with everyone I know!

- Travis H. July 2012


Billy always shows up on schedule, is highly professional and courteous, and ensures that we are 100% satisfied. He makes suggestions on ways to protect our home between treatments. He gave us excellent advice on dealing with pantry moths and weevils. Success! We never had problems after implementing his ideas.

- Robyn & George P. October 2014


Elida treated my home for the last 2 visits, and she is absolutely wonderful. It is rare these days to find a Specialist that really cares and pays attention to detail. She always does a great job, and I really appreciate her.

- Rachel P. August 2013


Everyone I've dealt with in Chem-free has been awesome. Ali treated my home today and was super thoughtful, considerate and very polite. Matt has treated my home in the past, and he was wonderful. Your service and your people are phenomenal, and I will recommend CF to everyone I know.

- Nicholas M. May 2012


I had the pleasure of meeting w/ Kelly Callahan this morning. She was a delight. As a face of the company, she is a personable and friendly. She did a great job representing you. People like Kelly help build relationships w/ the companies. I've had quite a few people associated with this company at my home, but I have not had such a wonderful experience to date.

- Kate F. July 2013


We were very impressed with Zack Smith: he was very helpful with answering all of our questions, addressing our concerns, and attention to detail with finding and sealing all of the entry points of our home. We were very concerned about the initial assessment on our home and now we have peace of mind knowing that our issue will be resolved.

- David & Tracy D. December 2013


A well kept lawn only increases the value of my property. My lawn is green even during these drought times and with limited watering. I would recommend their service to all and especially those who care about keeping chemicals out of the ground as much as possible. Better for my health and my pets health, too. Thanks!

- Connie July 2013