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Chem-free is Austin's Leader in Low-Impact Organic Pest Control, Rodent Control and Lawn Services

Proudly serving Austin and the surrounding communities, Chem-free Organic Pest and Lawn Services is the leading local provider of low-impact, environmentally friendly pest management and lawn care solutions.

Our Organic Pest Control, Rodent & Lawn Services

The Chem-free team is proud to make environmental stewardship for Austin home and business owners a top priority. Our sustainability-minded team proudly adheres to the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an ecosystem-focused strategy which resorts to using chemical interventions only after exhausting other less invasive pest control methods. By making changes to your environment, such as adjusting how and when you water your lawn to provide less moisture for insects and animals, you can make your property less hospitable to a wide range of pests in the first place.

The low-impact, effective organic pest control and lawn services we provide our Austin customers include:

Roach, Ant, Spider & Scorpion Control

These four creatures are the most common pests we see here in the Austin area. Chem-free takes a customized approach to reducing these pest populations while minimizing the impact on your family and pets.

Wildlife & Rodent Control

When larger animals, including rats, mice, raccoons and opossums invade your property, you may find chewed electrical wiring, disease-carrying droppings and damaged wood and belongings—not to mention the fact that these pests can carry fleas and ticks, exposing you to even more problems. Chem-free’s humane methods involve trapping and relocating these pests and preventing them from returning.

Termite Control

Termites make their way to your home’s foundation through underground tunnels, so homeowners often don’t realize they have a problem until damage is extensive. Customers count on Chem-free to quickly eliminate termite colonies and prevent future invasions.

Tick & Flea Control

Fleas can become a problem both inside our homes and in our yards, especially if flea bite dermatitis causes our pets’ skin to become itchy and irritated. It only takes on tick bite to contract Lyme disease. Through proven, Earth-friendly methods, Chem-free can protect your entire household from these pests.

Organic Lawn

Chem-free also provides regular, eco-friendly lawn care to keep your yard well-fertilized and free of insects, weeds and disease. With Chem-free’s help, you can spend more of your free time on activities you enjoy rather than on your lawn.

Commercial Pest & Lawn

Chem-free applies the same Earth-friendly approach to local businesses as we do to our residential customers. Take advantage of Chem-free’s comprehensive lineup of sustainable pest and lawn products to demonstrate your commitment to environmental protection to your customers and employees.

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Robert Thompson does a good and thorough job. He's always cheerful and happy and never complains. 

- Rama B.
June 2016

I've been with Chem-free for three years and have received phenomenal service. I've have issues (at different times) with protein ants, cockroaches, and even fleas... ChemFree quickly took action against these critters (even the fleas!). They even have a whole lab to look into identifying different bugs. Plus the team that I've worked with - Jonathan, Elvis, and Charles - are knowledgeable, friendly, and trustworthy. I feel very comfortable having them service my condo while I am home (as a female). Great manners, professional, and exceptional service!

- Alissa B.

I am glad that Moses is my technician. He was professional and very thorough. I couldn't have asked for a better tech or job.

- Kate F.
November 2016

Scott is fantastic! Very friendly and professional. I really appreciate the phone call in advance and his efficiency.

- Niki H.
May 2016

I am writing to let you know how happy we are with our pest service. Billy has been fantastic about managing our bug problem and is always friendly and very efficient at his job. Really appreciate his great attitude and keeping our house bug free. Keep up the great work - you guys are the best!

- Andrew H.
November 2016

I was so impressed by Jason today. He came by my home during his busy day and helped me. Highest praises for him.  Most companies would not go out of their way and I wanted everyone to know.

- Scarlet W.
June 2016

We love Chem-free. They're always prompt in coming back if we encounter issues between services, and every technician is very informed and polite. Highly recommend.

- David H.

I would like to compliment Jermaine on his professional demeanor and knowledge.  He was extremely polite and professional, and we greatly appreciate his assistance.

- David B.
June 2016

Thanks so much! Adam Hernandez was great! He was so helpful and considerate. Much appreciated.

- Natalie W.
June 2016

I wanted to let you know that I've been very impressed with Manny, our pest control service tech. He's super friendly, professional and has done a great job at combating our bug issues. I look forward to seeing him every time because he always has a smile on his face. We greatly appreciate the customer service we've received from your company and from Manny. Thank you!

- Lauren C.
July 2016

Thank you, Chem-free, for taking such wonderful care of our lawn and pests! Scott did a thoughtful job working around blooming plants to care for pollination. He is very professional.

- Hannah B.
May 2016

We are really pleased with Jermaine's prompt conscientious service. Our neighbor acted on our recommendation and has been thoroughly pleased with Jermaine's due dilligence as well. Please consider this a high endorsement of your stellar employee.

- Amos E.
June 2016

I just wanted to take a minute to extend my thanks to Billy for his excellent customer service and willingness to take the time to address each and every issue that I have thrown his way. My family is very happy with Billy and Chem-free!

- Laura C.
November 2016

Scott really took his time when doing my service. He was very professional and explained everything. Scott made me feel like my business was appreciated.

- Tara D.
February 2016
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