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Termite Control

Without adequate protection, there is more than a 70% chance that termites will attack your wooden structure in Texas within 10 to 20 years of being built. The damage these pests can cause to your biggest investment can often go undetected until the results are devastating. Chem-free offers a highly-effective, low-impact solution to your termite problems. When in search of termite control, Austin homeowners select Chem-free for our comprehensive, proven approach.

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A termite infestation requires quick action by an experienced pest control team to minimize additional damage. Chem-free’s experts know exactly where to look for signs of subterranean  termites and the most effective methods to protect your home.

Chem-free’s proactive termite management program involves:


Since the most common types of termites live beneath the soil, our pest control pros inspect your home’s interior, walls and exterior for:

  • wood damage

  • sagging floors

  • mud tubes

  • droppings (also known as frass)

  • hollow wood

  • bubbling paint

  • swarming termites

  • swarmers’ discarded wings

Once we discover the source of the problem, we will be better equipped to come up with a game plan to get rid of the termites—for good.


After our skilled technicians conduct a site assessment to discover how termites are entering your property, a strategy is created that is tailored to your home and your needs. This plan will address both how to eradicate existing colonies and how to address problem areas which have the potential for future infestations. Your Chem-free inspector will present a set of recommendations to you for your approval.

Once you approve our pest control plan, treatment can begin.


Through extensive testing, we have found a treatment option which is highly effective at stopping subterranean termite colonies from feeding in and around your home, yet does not damage the surrounding ecosystem.

Altriset is a low-toxicity termiticide which paralyzes the termites’ mouthparts within hours so that these pests stop feeding on the wood in your foundation, walls, sheds and attics. Altriset can be applied as a spot treatment or as part of a larger termite management program. This compound remains in your soil near the application site, which discourages termites from returning for at least five years.

The most effective way to protect your biggest investment from termites is to apply Altriset around the perimeter of your home. Since termites reach your house through underground tunnels, Chem-free will dig a six-inch-deep trench and apply Altriset in these areas. If you have concrete around your home, our skilled technicians will apply the treatment through small holes drilled about 18 inches apart.


Most Texas yards, especially in more established neighborhoods, support termites. For this reason, Chem-free also installs sensors to detect when new colonies get dangerously close to your home’s perimeter. Although these signals alone does not indicate you have an infestation, our technicians can closely monitor related termite activity to prevent future problems.

Protect your home from termite and other crawling insects!

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Our Environmental Philosophy

The Chem-free team is proud to make environmental stewardship for Austin a top priority. Our sustainability-minded team proudly adheres to the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), providing both effective and conscientious lawn and pest control services.