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Organic Lawn Care & Services

Who doesn't love a green, healthy lawn? Of course, maintaining a great-looking lawn is easier said than done. That's why Chem-free Organic Pest and Lawn Services offers a comprehensive lineup of gentle, low-impact lawn care services. Our goal is to provide each of our valued customers with a thick, fundamentally healthy turf that lasts throughout the growing season and doesn't negatively impact the surrounding plants, animals or waterways with products or harsh chemicals.

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Our standard organic lawn care program includes four distinct areas of service:


We use only organic fertilizers that contain slow-release nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and various micronutrients. These fertilizers support sustainable, year-round growth and vitality. The goals and beliefs with organic products are to truly improve the overall health of the turf without artificial "greening" methods.

Insect Control

Even healthy lawns are vulnerable to attack by unwanted pests, including chinch bugs, ants and army worms. If we discover an infestation on your turf, we identify the culprit and use "least-toxic" mitigation techniques consistent with the tenets of Integrated Pest Management. If a control product is necessary, we only apply it to the affected area and a small buffer band to prevent the pest's spread.

Weed Control

We take a similarly low-impact approach to controlling weed growth. The first line of defense is dense, healthy turf grass. If weeds do begin to sprout on your lawn, we use gentle controls and other measures to prevent their spread. However, when using low-impact methods, some stubborn weeds are still possible.

Disease Control

As fall progresses, increasingly cool, damp weather creates favorable conditions for certain fungal diseases, including take-all, grey leaf spot and brown patch. Since these diseases can be tricky and expensive to treat, we monitor your lawn at regular intervals and immediately notify you of a potential problems while beginning treatment.

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Our Environmental Philosophy

The Chem-free team is proud to make environmental stewardship for Austin a top priority. Our sustainability-minded team proudly adheres to the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), providing both effective and conscientious lawn and pest control services.