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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes keep many Austin families from enjoying the fresh air and the other benefits of being outside. Not only are mosquito bites irritating, but also these pests can transmit deadly diseases, including the Zika and West Nile viruses. Even your pets are not safe since mosquitoes can spread heartworm disease to your dogs and cats. When it comes to mosquito control, Austin homeowners choose Chem-free to implement effective, long-term solutions to keep these pesky pests away while minimizing the impact on your family and pets.

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One of the reasons homeowners have such a hard time controlling mosquitoes on their own is that these pests reproduce so quickly. Mosquito eggs can develop into larvae in only 24 to 48 hours, and not all species require standing water to breed. In addition, your yard provides these blood-sucking insects with many places to rest during the day so that they can attack you when you are most likely to be outside—at in the late afternoon, and to a lesser extent, during the early morning hours.

Chem-free’s mosquito control protocol is designed to address all stages of the mosquito life cycle, from egg to adult, by identifying and targeting both breeding grounds and resting areas.

Chem-free helps Austin homeowners control mosquitoes by:

Identifying Mosquito Breeding Sites

After our inspector has come to your home to do a preliminary assessment to advise you on which types of treatment will work best for you, a Chem-free technician will conduct a comprehensive survey of your property to identify key breeding habitats. Some of the places where mosquitoes may lay eggs include:

  • Storm drains at your curb which collect water after it rains

  • Potted plants and saucers near your entryways and on patios and decks

  • Trash and recycling containers, rain barrels, wheelbarrows, children’s wading pools, pet bowls and tires which can hold standing water

  • Ornamental ponds with no aeration or without larvae-loving fish

  • Rain gutters which are clogged with leaves and other debris

  • Areas with dense vegetation, including tall grass and shrubs which can serve as a harborage area

  • Holes in trees where standing water can pool after rainfall or when your sprinklers run

Keeping these areas free of excessive moisture can help keep your existing mosquito population from growing.

Using Natural Repellents To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Our customers count on Chem-free to suggest natural methods to keep mosquitoes at bay. Our technicians can recommend the use of citronella candles, “bug lights” and porch screens to control mosquitoes without harmful chemicals. We can also suggest certain plants to add near your entryways which can repel these pests, including rosemary, basil, catnip, geraniums, marigolds and lavender.

Low-Impact Treatment Options

Homeowners choose Chem-free’s low-impact treatments to reduce the mosquito population around their homes. While we can’t completely eliminate mosquitoes from your property, families notice a significant improvement for several weeks after a service.

Fogging Applications

While there's no permanent solution to mosquitoes, there is certainly something that can be done. We recommend fogging the yard on a regular basis. Chem-free's lawn fogging treatments can significantly reduce the mosquito population on your property for up to a month. The way this service works is that a technician sprays your front and backyard using a backpack-based fogging device. These devices allow our pest pros to target all the harborage areas on your property and significantly reduce the mosquito population keeping you from fully enjoying your yard.

Chem-free customers can sign up for recurring fogging applications (approximately every 30 days) and with regular applications, the mosquito populations can be reduced for you, your family and your pets. Remember: most mosquitoes come out early in the morning and late in the evening - just before dark. Those are the times you're most likely to encounter problems. So, make sure to apply mosquito repellent and/or wear long sleeves and pants.

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Our Environmental Philosophy

The Chem-free team is proud to make environmental stewardship for Austin a top priority. Our sustainability-minded team proudly adheres to the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), providing both effective and conscientious lawn and pest control services.