What To Do About Ants in Your Carpet

What To Do About Ants in Your Carpet

Unfortunately, it’s not surprising to find ants in your home. We often spot them looking for food inside the pantry, along the kitchen countertop and on the dining table. But, it can be puzzling to see ants crawling on your carpet. It’s not their typical behavior to crawl around on the carpet, which means there’s something in your carpet that they find irresistible. If you’re dealing with this issue at home, here are some possible causes and what you can do about it.

Ants in the Carpet? Here Are Ways to Address the Problem

Ants don’t usually invade or nest in carpets. They build their nests underground, housing their young in chambers and tunnels. Ants are attracted to rugs and carpets when they have liquid residue or food crumbs on them. It’s also possible that the ants are passing through the carpet to get to a food source in another area of the house.

Another possible theory is carpenter ants. These pests can burrow through your carpet to seek out the wooden floors underneath to make their nests. Whatever the reason, no homeowner wants ants crawling all over their carpet. It’s annoying and can be embarrassing if you have guests over. Here are some ways to solve the problem.

Look for Food and Moisture

It doesn’t take much to attract ants. The tiniest crumb or drop of sweet liquid is enough to draw them to your home, especially when it’s warm outside. That’s why family members should only eat in the dining room or kitchen and immediately clean up after every meal. If you notice ants in your carpet, check it for food particles or liquids you may have dropped or spilled.

Tiny black ants are usually after sugar, food and water. But, if the ants in your home are black and large, they’re likely carpenter ants searching for moist wood. Check underneath your carpet for any signs of accumulated moisture.

Vacuum and Apply Vinegar

Most homeowners vacuum their carpets once a week. Unfortunately, ants can assemble their colonies much faster than that if they’ve found a food or water source. If ants are crawling all over your carpet, it’s time to vacuum more frequently. That way, you’ll suck up the ants and whatever food draws them.

It’s best to use a vacuum with powerful bristles to catch every ant and crumb. Empty the ants outside after vacuuming to prevent them from scattering again inside your home.

Homeowners can try various DIY methods to control the ants in their homes. But, there’s nothing as effective and efficient as seeking professional help. Pest control specialists will assess the level of infestation and provide the best solution to control the infestation.

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How to Control Little Ants in the Kitchen

Ants love kitchens for a couple of reasons. First, they’re safe from birds and other predatory animals in the wild. Second, they have access to unlimited food and water.

Every crumb we drop is a delicious feast for them. They have a penchant for sweet and greasy food in particular. They’ll bring the food particles to their nests outside, allowing their colonies to grow and thrive. Fortunately, there are ways to make your kitchen less attractive to these little pests, including the following.

Be Strict With Cleaning

Ants have no business in your kitchen if they can’t find food and water. That’s why homeowners must be strict with cleaning, leaving no crumbs or spills on the stove, countertop and floor. Regular vacuuming and cleaning are essential. In addition, put away leftover food immediately and store snacks in airtight containers. Lastly, keep a tight lid on your garbage cans. Otherwise, the ants will keep coming back and can even make their home in your dishwasher.

Homeowners must be just as mindful of their pet’s food. Instead of leaving them in the original plastic packaging, store them in airtight containers. In addition, put away leftover food and water and clean the floor around the bowls. Cats and dogs are messy eaters, leaving plenty of food for ants to feed on.

Remove Water Sources

Water can be as attractive to ants as food, especially if it’s hot and dry outside. Ants may be coming into your kitchen because they can have unlimited refreshments there. That’s why homeowners should fix leaking faucets and plumbing issues under the sink. In addition, you must keep the sink clean and dry.

Keeping your kitchen spotless can help keep the ants at bay. However, it doesn’t address the root of the problem. If there are still nests outside your home, ants can invade your kitchen when you let your guard down. That’s where pest control specialists can come in. They can locate the nests around your home and control the ant colonies inside. They can also provide ongoing services to help prevent future colonies from taking up residence.


What Causes Ants?

Ants always look for food and water sources like trash cans and debris. A messy backyard will supply them with the essentials, encouraging their colonies to thrive. As they grow in number, they’ll need more food and water. That’s when they’ll invade your home. Your kitchen will be the most attractive area because all their favorite food items are there: sugar, fruits, bread, grease and meat. There’s plenty of water for them, too.

Ants are tiny pests and will have no problem entering your home. They can use practically anything as an entry point, including wall cracks, door gaps, wood and brick crevices and pipes. That’s why homeowners must find these tiny openings and seal them off. They must also remove access to food and water sources to make their homes less attractive to bothersome ants.

Trust the Professionals for Your Ant Problems

There’s only so much homeowners can do to control ant infestations. They can clean their homes, but ants are hardworking and determined. Unless you address the problem at its source, they’ll keep invading your home for food and water.

Let pest control professionals take over if you can’t seem to rid your home of these pests. They have the equipment and expertise to control the ants inside and outside your home. They can also help you identify pharaoh ants versus fire ants.

Chem-Free Can Treat the Ants on Your Property

Trying to control an ant problem while also taking into account your kids and pets can be difficult. When you contact Chem-free Pest Control, you can have peace of mind that we will create a custom pest control solution that keeps all of your family members in mind. Once we have treated the ants on your property, we will leave you with green tips on how to prevent future encounters with these pests